Have a Predictive Preventive Maintenance Plan

Our Predictive Preventive  Maintenance Plan includes the following:

Cleaning Your System

1. Clean evaporator coil
2. Clean condensing coil
3. Clean flame sensor
4. Cabinet inside and out
5. Electrostatic filters
6. Condensing Fan Blade
7. Air handler, Air Conditioner, Heat Pump.
8. Primary Pan (Tablet treatment extra)
9. Secondary Pan
10. Primary Pan
11. Condensate Line/Condensate Pump
12. Draft Inducing Motor Port

Inspect Your System

We will inspect your system to insure it is within specification/safety tolerances
1. Refrigerant Level
2. Motors; blower, condensing, and Draft Inducing Motor
3. Capacitors; Start and Run
4. Contactors
5. Transformer
6. Zone System; Motors and Control Board
7. Gas air Mixture @ Gas Valve
8. Thermostats
9. Costly Air Leaks at Air Handler/Gas Furnace
10. Electrical connections
11. Heat Exchanger
12. Pressure Switches
13. Safety switches
14. Flue
15. Compressor
16. Defrost Cycle
17. Aux Heat
18. Thermostat

Pending: Access, Availability, Season and Time

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