Heating and Cooling System Maintenance


Why Perform Heating and Cooling System Maintenance?

Neglect and dirt are the main causes of heating and cooling system failures. Having regular maintenance performed on your equipment is one of the most important steps to keeping your heating system running at peak performance. If your equipment has not had a precision Tune-Up done annually, then your system may be steeling money right out of your pocket. Heating and Cooling System Maintenance is so important on your heating, as well as your air conditioning equipment, that all manufactures, utility companies, consumer protection groups, and the EPA recommend seasonal servicing of your cooling and heating system, regardless of its age. Even the best, and newest, equipment needs to be serviced regularly in order to remain in working order.

At JP Heating and Cooling, we are committed to help you keep your heating and air conditioning system in tip top shape. If you treat your system right and take good care of it, it will give you good service for a long time. But if you neglect and ignore it, then eventually it will fail – usually when you need it the most.

Make it easier to remember these important bi-yearly Heating and Cooling System Maintenance visits in Spring and Fall, and ensure that you do not forget, by joining our maintenance program. Membership in this program automatically qualifies you for your bi-annual system checks. This will allow you to meet all the stipulations that your warranty requires on your air conditioner or heater. Most importantly, you will extend the life of your heating and air conditioning system, and you will help to keep it running at its peak performance. For more information, please visit the page “Maintenance Plans” on our website.

Heater Repair / Furnace Repair / Cooling System Repair

If the comfort level of your home is not where it should be, or if the efficiency of your system leaves a lot to be desired, then call the specialists at JP Heating and Cooling. Whenever you need service, our trained and skillful technicians have the qualifications and experience to properly and accurately diagnose the problem, as well as the expertise to replace, service, or repair your furnace, heater or air conditioning system.

Call the experts at JP Heating and Cooling for all of your heater repair and furnace repair needs in the Charlotte area! We fully stock our trucks with every part and tool imaginable for providing services to all types, brands, and models of heating equipment, as well as air conditioners. This allows us to perform most repairs right on the spot so we can get that heater running again as soon as possible without any additional delays to you. At JP Heating and Cooling, we respect your time!

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